Find the Magic

Close your eyes. Take a breath and feel the world around you. In a dimly lit auditorium full of strangers and family, you sit in the warmest and brightest place. Seats creak, and someone coughs, but otherwise all is still. The air on the stage is warm. It smells of rosin, cork grease, and floor … Continue reading Find the Magic


How to Deal with a “Bad” Performance

According to a 2016 study, 74% of Americans suffer from speech anxiety. Now think about this, public speaking is typically done in the speaker's native tongue, and that's a language and mechanism they've used every day since before they could walk. Compare this to musicians. Some start playing at the age of four, but most … Continue reading How to Deal with a “Bad” Performance

Take Care

You feel the exhaustion dripping from your eyes to create the dark circles underneath them. A new ring appears each morning, but you must press on. You have a goal: get your practice time in. There's never enough time. You always have more pieces to perfect, and your fingers won't do what they're told. They're … Continue reading Take Care