Deliberate Practice

Practicing hours a day can be tedious. And disengaged practice isn't helpful. Thus, serious musicians all have little tricks to help them stay engaged for so much time. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take breaks when your concentration fades. Breaks can be as simple as standing up and taking a sip … Continue reading Deliberate Practice


It’s All About Timing

A girl with her instrument spread before her: those eighty-eight keys of dark and light that blend to compose melodies in hues of every color seen and unseen. Each day, they meet in their ritual to slow the busy day at its close and get a jump on the next one. Sometimes she wonders why … Continue reading It’s All About Timing

Take Care

You feel the exhaustion dripping from your eyes to create the dark circles underneath them. A new ring appears each morning, but you must press on. You have a goal: get your practice time in. There's never enough time. You always have more pieces to perfect, and your fingers won't do what they're told. They're … Continue reading Take Care